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Amara is curated by Rule No. One Hospitality Group (RNO), which is comprised of the owners, designers, and program directors for our award-winning restaurants and bars.​ Based in Madison, Wis. RNO has established itself as a leader in the hospitality space through seamless integration of its areas of expertise including strategy, concept, design, branding, and world-class food and beverage creation and development.




Jillian comes to Amara with 20 years experience in the hotel, event, and restaurant industry.  She formally worked as the Food and Beverage Manager for the Graduate Madison Hotel.  Prior to this, she worked as FOH Manager/Floor Manager for Graze Restaurant working her way up to the General Manager and Maître d' for L’Etoile Restaurant/Deja Food Group.


Jillian graduated college from Western Illinois University with a BFA in Musical Theatre. After spending a few years acting and waiting tables in Chicago, she decided to make the full transition to management. After working in the events industry, Jillian moved to Madison where she fell in love with farm to table cuisine, wine, and the focus on local products and business.

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‘’I am a person who shows love by serving, not only in the restaurant industry, but in my community. I truly feel that in order for people to strive, we need to belong to something bigger than ourselves and volunteering in my community has helped me do that. Everyone should give back - in some way- some form. Amara is an opportunity to make the industry a better place for everyone that worked in it. Not only how we treat each other, not only paying people what they deserve, but actually looking at the finer points of the industry and making it somewhere where you could have a lifelong career and make it fulfilling.’’