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Delaney is an exceptional hospitality professional with skills in planning, organization, problem-solving, and customer service. She is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and creating a welcoming environment. She brings to Amara three years experience in hospitality working at Blended, Capitol Lakes, and The Plaza Tavern in Madison, WI.  


As a manager, Delaney provides excellent training to new employees, handles guest experiences with grace, and provides excellent service with unmatched consistency and talent. Delaney has completed an Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences from Madison Area Technical College in 2023.

"I find joy in serving others and creating a warm and welcoming environment for our customers. It brings me satisfaction to see their happy faces and to know that I have made their experience enjoyable. I believe that providing excellent customer service is not just a job, but a way to make a positive impact on someone's day, and I take great pride in delivering that experience to our guests."



Chef Abby is a native Madisonian with strong hometown roots and experience working in and leading some of Madison's finest restaurants. She grew up working for her grandparents at the Dane County Farmers Market where she honed a deep love and knowledge of Wisconsin agriculture.


She went to to study Agricultural & Applied Economics in the College of Agricultural & Life Sciences and served as a line cook during college at Tory Miller's Estrellón, L’Etoile and Sujeo.  Amara welcomes Abby's incredible work ethic, passion, ingredient knowledge, and skills as a leader.

Abby Hampton

"I find more passion and growth every day I challenge myself to keep learning and growing.  I can't wait to share Amara with our guests who will enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed putting it together!"




Erika Yanke is the Bar Manager at Amara in Madison, Wisconsin, where she has been a key player since its opening in October 2022. A seasoned bartender with a background in Art and Graphic Design from Wisconsin Lutheran College, Erika expertly combines her creative talents and mixology skills to craft unique cocktail experiences. Her role involves not only the creation of innovative drinks but also managing the dynamic bar environment and mentoring her team.


 Chynna Pomales Amara manager



"Everyone should give back - in some way- some form. Amara is an opportunity to make the industry a better place for everyone that worked in it. Not only how we treat each other, not only paying people what they deserve, but actually looking at the finer points of the industry and making it somewhere where you could have a lifelong career and make it fulfilling.’’




Guided by his Southern roots and inspired by the culinary traditions reflected in Amara's kitchen, Brett approaches his work with warmth, love for food, and genuine connection as guiding principles.


With years of experience back home and in the kitchen of Amara's sister restaurant, Lucille, Brett is a flexible and engaged individual who brings a teamwork oriented approach to the table. Not to mention his ability to lighten even the tensest of moments with ease. 

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Amara is owned and managed by Rule No. One Hospitality, a mission-driven lifestyle company seeking to provide warm, fun and an endlessly interesting mix of inspired programming that challenges, invigorates and delights our guests by celebrating our craft, who we are, what we do and what we believe―capturing the neighborhood’s unique lifestyle and culture.  Coming out of the pandemic we are, now more than ever, committed to creating a culture of inclusivity, humility, collaboration, wellness, and equity. We support those who live our values with culinary training, career opportunities, and great benefits.

Amara is about celebrating and treating each other and ourselves well. We seek to provide warm, fun and an endlessly interesting mix of inspired programming that challenges, invigorates and delights our guests by celebrating our craft, who we are, what we do and what we believe―capturing the community’s unique lifestyle and culture.

Amara is an equal opportunity employer, with a mission to support women, Black, LGBTQ+ applicants.  As an organization, we support a minimum wage of $16/hour.

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to the dedicated local farmers, producers &  distributors that make this menu possible

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Over The Moon Cheese
Fox Heritage Farms
Strauss Meats
Vitruvian Farms
Garden To Be

Driftless Organics
Underground Meats
Love Foods
Roth Kase
Madison Sourdough

Willow Creek Farms
Burlap And Barrel (NY)
Caputo Bros. Creamery (PA)
Sassy Cow
'Nduja Artisans (IL)

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